The Professor of Hypnosis

Dennis Dormady, The Professor of Hypnosishas been around for quite a while!

Always an amateur magician, it was during his college years he became a professional clown, paying for the next week’s meals by juggling, doing magic and in general making audiences smile and laugh.  It was here his passion for performing, including performing as an educator, began and for over 40 years was a part of his classroom environment

But then one day as he was investigating “online learning” he stumbled across a class on hypnosis.    And of course, was drawn to the mysteries of the mind and how it works so amazingly.

Already proficient in hacking “inorganic computers” as a professor of Computer Science, he found a passion in learning to hack that “organic computer” between someone’s ears.    From hypnosis to NLP to persuasion and through all sorts of related arts along the way that people use to persuade people for good or for ill.

Then a new turn in his life as he applied his new skills to help people, from pain management to smoking cessation to study skills and more.

As an educator, he also saw ways to become more effective in his communication with others.  He sees hypnosis and the related arts are fundamentally skills that allow communication to flow more easily and with greater impact.  Especially from the viewpoint of helping people communicate and relate better with themselves.

Now he puts those skills to work for people on stage as a stage hypnotist, as a speaker, a consultant and occasionally does take individual clients to help them address their issues.